Oh, hi there... 

Welcome to the ULTIMATE jewelry subscription box. From dainty to dramatic, The Big Little Box delivers unique and trending jewelry pieces to your front door. 

Let's be honest, receiving gifts is everyone's love language and The Big Little Box is the perfect gift. You can subscribe to our THREE  piece box for $22/month or Build Your Own Box (BYOB). 

How It Works

Once you subscribe to our box, we will take care of the rest. Each month, we hand select pieces from the latest trends- studs, rhinestones, and tassels, oh my! You don't have to worry about picking your favorites and returning the rest. With our box, each piece is yours to keep. 

Did you know that a percentage of all our monthly sales will be donated to Days for Girls, an organization that increases access to menstrual care and education on a global level. 

That my friends is a big deal in a LITTLE box! 

Step 1

Sign Up! 

Order online to receive The Big Little Box delivered straight to your door every month!

Step 2

Countdown to my box!

We'll send you an email as soon as we ship your package. 

While you stalk the mailman, follow us on social media for the latest info, giveaways, and sneak peeks.

Step 3

Your box has arrived! 

(insert victory dance here)

Take a moment, or two, and dress and dazzle your way through this month's box. 

The Big Little Box is retail valued at more than $95+ a month!!

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